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  • Writer – Scott Snyder
    Art – Tony S. Daniel
    Colors – Tomeu Morey
    Publisher – Image Comics

    NOCTERRA #1 first started
  • On May 5th AWA are introducing to a new kind of criminal, Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal.

    Written by the legendary Garth Ennis, he's once again teaming up with artist Goran Sudžukas and colourist Miroslav Mrva to give us a time travelling caper like no other.

    “Time is on her side.”

  • AWA are currently looking for readers to share childhood memories with them. They want readers to either write or draw an account of the event. More info below:

    We all can, somehow, recall certain childhood incidents and accidents with uncanny clarity. Some of these recollections we find

  • Review - BCW Comic Book Showcases

    One of the biggest challenges in comic collecting is finding not only the right supplies to protect and store your comics, but also to find the best products out there for displaying your more treasured comic books. Whether it be a variant cover that you just think looks bad ass or a comic that you had signed by the creators, we all have those certain books we want to

  • Halloween Must Read Comics 2020

      It is that time of year again where vampires come out of their crypts and Workers take to the skies to celebrate Halloween time. Just like these creatures, comic readers also love to get into the spirit and get lost in a world of horror and get lost in some great stories. There are so many great stories you can
  • Oct. 9, 2020, (EUGENE, OR) — Mad Cave Studios invites readers to delve into something Villainous! The 2019 Talent Search winners, Stonie Williams and Jef Sadzinki, take heroism to the next level with an all-new tale that will surely make you want to shed your scales…

    Villainous ​follows Tilly, one of the newest super-powered

  • DC Releases FanDome Schedule

    DC Comics has finally released their schedule for their upcoming 24-hour online convention. With so much going on from DC in the way of TV, Films, Games, and Comics, DC has found a way to celebrate and announce all these things in a world where conventions are
  • ** Minor spoilers ahead – But nothing which isn’t revealed in the trailer **


    After the climatic season one finale our heroes have jumped back into the 1960s to escape the apocalypse of their making, only to bring the apocalypse with them. Split up over three years, Five is the last to arrive, in time to witness another apocalypse. In a similar fashion to the first season
  • Before we dive into the trailer take a minute to watch it if you haven't already:

    Then read Netflix's official synopsis for the season: