Knight Terrors Batman #1 REview

by Wes Greer on July 10, 2023

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Art – Guillem March
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Troy Peteri
Publisher – DC Comics

Here we are with our first review of one of the many tie-in issues to the DC Summer event Knight Terrors and after reading First Blood, I really had high hopes for this Batman issue since it is also written by Joshua Williamson and features Guillem March on art, who is in my opinion one of the best artists you could ask for when it comes to a horror aesthetic but sadly, Knight Terrors Batman #1 does not live up to the same bar First Blood set.

 It’s a decent read overall and there are a lot of elements that actually do tie in to the main story, but it recycles themes we’ve seen previously when it comes to Batman and any kind of nightmare or fear element and misses an opportunity to really explore Bruce’ psyche and what makes him tick as Batman. Another thing I found a bit boring with this one is that Bruce doesn’t seem to really be phased by anything in his nightmare because its all the same things he’s dealt with before, which ironically echoed my feelings as a reader. The story does build up as it goes along and there are some interesting elements and intrigue that make this issue worth reading if you’re trying to get the Knight Terrors story as a whole, but if you’re looking for an exciting and nightmarish Batman story, unfortunately this isn’t it.

Now the art on the other hand makes this issue worth the purchase price alone as March shines with his unique style and really brings that nightmare aesthetic to life with his pencils and panel work in this issue and blended with the unique and horrors tones that Tomeu Morey adds to March’s pencils, you get the true feeling of horror that pops right off the pages.
Knight Terrors Batman #1 is available now in local comic shops as well as digital format via your preferred digital retailer.

-Wes Greer


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