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  • I'm really pleased to see more character development for Voyager. Not exactly counting the moments until the Challenger comes back, though.
  • I was really hoping that the subsequent strips would offer something as strong as the first one's self-aware philosophizing on the value of stories, but alas ...
  • I love the Maker when he gets to be this pure in his mad science and sadism.
  • One last artistic thing: Did the artist get bonus pay for drawing Squirrel Girl from behind? 'Cause she does it a lot.
  • One bad thing about team-written books: I don't know who to congratulate for nailing Herc's lovable bombast in the first scene.


Per my photo, Agent Coulson stole my identity in Agents of SHIELD s2e04. My current mission in life is to get Clark Gregg to apologize for this. Until then, I'll review Marvel comics here.