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  • Petty complaint corner: I didn't care for this issue casting "random suburban mom who uses her kids' extracurriculars as an excuse not to hit the gym" as Deathstrike.
  • Mystique, of all people, gives this book the tiny sliver of emotional grounding it needs.
  • Check the thumbnail above: This issue has a Moebius variant cover! I so love Moebius drawings of Marvel characters.
  • Maximum salt: Have Charles Soule and Nick Spencer been pilfering each other's notes? Why are Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man doing the same twist at the same time?
  • Peter Parker: Often an idiot, but usually for good(-ish) reasons.


Per my photo, Agent Coulson stole my identity in Agents of SHIELD s2e04. My current mission in life is to get Clark Gregg to apologize for this. Until then, I'll review Marvel comics here.