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  • I know this is going to be a slow-burn-type story, but it rankles to see something as momentous as Wakanda's first manned space launch (in a rocket of the protagonist's design...
  • How many close Kree encounters has Carol had that would have been dramatically different if her mom had bothered to explain her heritage earlier? A half-dozen? A dozen? More?
  • The only thing that could make this pie better is finding a little Mockingbird in our next slice. And the odds seem to be in our favour on that score!
  • This story will be a fine addition to the short list of "Memorable Spidey stories told without using the Spider-Man costume."
  • When I hit Hakeem Strange I knew I was gonna enjoy this comic.

    Also, I always love a Nakayama cover. Make sure you hit the fullscreen version above! Yes, those are...


Per my photo, Agent Coulson stole my identity in Agents of SHIELD s2e04. My current mission in life is to get Clark Gregg to apologize for this. Until then, I'll review Marvel comics here.