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    Week of June 16th / 17th

    After an incredible return of comics last week, this weeks sees the beginning of one of the most anticipated mini series of the year with Dark Nights Death Metal #1. This week we also see the return of Strange Adventures with issue #2 and a Flash and Nightwing Annual from DC Comics. As far as Marvel goes however, this week there are no issues
  • This Weeks Key Comic releases June 10th

    One of the things I hear often in
    this interview was done in conjunction with CTG writer, Wes Greer

    Hi Rodney, and thanks for joining us here at Comics: The Gathering.
  • Interview With Artist Karl Mostert

    The Man Himself - Karl Mostert

    If you have read DCeased UNKILLABLES then the name Karl Mostert should ring a bell to you. Karl is the artist who brought all gruesome deaths to life. Based on the amazing work he did in this series; you may not be able to tell that
  • Hi Ollie, thanks for taking the time out to talk with Comics: The Gathering. The first issue of Old Haunts was incredible.

    So where did the inspiration for Old Haunts come from?
    I can’t remember if there was an initial Old Haunts inspiration, any single thing that sparked the idea.

    Rob and I had been trying figure out something to co-write for a while and when we were discussing ideas we realised we’d
  • Hi Rob, thanks for taking time out to talk to Comics: The Gathering. I was blown away by the first issue of Old Haunts, the blending of different genres and settings which wouldn’t normally go together produced an incredibly stylish, cinematic comic.

    The first thing which struck me about Old Haunts is how it takes familiar stories and
  • Hi Laurence, Thanks for taking the time to talk to Comics: The Gathering. I was first introduced to your work in the pages of B.P.R.D. and have been a big fan ever since. I even have a couple of prints of your work.

    That’s great. Thank you.

    Old Haunts is an
  • Tales of the Golden Age: The Green Lantern
    In Tales of the Golden Age we will look at a story, or character from the Golden Age of Comics. My favourite era of comics.

    It is the 80th anniversary  of the first appearance of Alan Scott the Golden Age Green Lantern. To celebrate today we will take a look at the first story of his adventures. The character of Alan Scott(originally he was going to be called Alan Ladd....Aladdin... get it? but was changed because there was
  • Dark Nights Metal Round Up (Warning Spoiler Heavy...Metal!)

    If you guys have been paying attention to the DC Comics world then