Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #5 Review

by Nick Devonald on July 28, 2021

Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Sergio Dávila
Inker: Sean Parsons
Colours: Arif Prianto
Letters: VC's Cory Petit

The final issue does a fantastic job of concluding the storyline that Si Spurrier has been telling through the Curse of the Ebony Blade storyline, while also putting Spurriers unique spin on the story. Where it truly succeeds though is in setting up future Black Knight stories. And the end of the issue reveals that the Black Knight will return this year. For readers interpretating that as a massive spoiler and assuming Whitman survives it's worth pointing out that the Black Knight is a legacy which passes to the heir of Arthur, and this is Spurrier we're talking about. Don't assume anything.

The final issue ended, and all looked lost. Mordred had claimed the ebony crown. Jacks is dead. Dane is dying and has given up the blade and his chance of resurrection. Elsa Bloodstone has left. Talk about things looking bleak for our heroes. With his master plan coming together and no-one left to stop Mordred who can stand against him?

After recording his dying words on the LISENR app readers get the chance to hear Danes final words in the background as the story progresses. It ends up being a deeply personal and touching confession, one that really lays Whitman's character bare on the page, as well as having deeper implications for the story. It's tragic, and more than anything it's human. Unlike the many heroes we regularly see graving the pages of Marvel comics Dane isn't a hero, he's human. He's deeply flawed, and weak, and doesn't always do the right thing. His past is now haunting him, and it will have implications for the Black Knight going forward. It's incredibly refreshing to have such a terrible example of a hero as the main character for the series. Si Spurrier manages to fit in much deeper themes to his story than are apparent at first glance. Someone he manages to cleverly cover heritage, and destiny, as well as parentage in this issue. It makes it resonate with the reader.

With no spoilers to how the issue ends it's done in that uniquely clever way that Spurrier manages time and time again, setting a brand-new status quo for the character, and in hindsight it's clear to see the ways that he has been shaping the character from the beginning of this miniseries. It will also take readers by surprise and leave them excited for the future of the character. It'll be interesting to see where the story goes afterwards. And hopefully Elsa Bloodstone will play a regular role in it as well, her character has been a breath of fresh air throughout and entertaining to boot.

Sergio Dávila has done a fantastic job with the art throughout the series, and he gets the chance to take that to new levels here as Mordreds evil plan comes to fruition. The climatic battle is filled with plenty of magic which looks fantastic, and readers even get a glimpse of what a modern day Camelot might look like. It's a tricky challenge to combine Arthurian legend with the modern day world but Dávila takes it all in his stride. Arif Prianto's colours really make the magic pop off the page as well. An excellent artistic team.

A fitting conclusion to Spurriers reinterpretation of the character, the Black Knight legacy has an interesting and exciting future ahead. A mini series which stands on its own, but has many implications for the future. It also explores quite complex themes, and things like parentage and heritage feature quite heavily. Through in a fantastic art team as well and this is a comic readers will want to pick up.

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