Moon Knight #1 Review

by Ryan.L on July 21, 2021

Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: Alessandro Cappuccio
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC's Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Moon Knight has returned and he has a new mission.

This book was interesting. Previous runs we got to see a bit more of the mentally ill part of Moon Knight. This book takes a bit of the early days and the modern days and mixes them together.

This issue we see Mr. Knight interview people about their problem, and then he sends out Moon Knight to clean it up. There is a lot of supernatural elements in this book as well. Also Mr. Knight has a new therapist. So the book is also somewhat of a mix of his missions and him discussing his life with his new therapist.

While I enjoyed this book, it wasn't anything groundbreaking for the character. It was more of a return to form for Moon Knight. There was a lot more street level action than confusing dream like visuals and scenes that stem from his mental instability. I did though really like that. It really brought the character more into the real world and paid hommage to the characters 1980s series before his dissociative identity disorder and mental instability took over as the main story plot for the character. Its like we are getting back to the roots of what made this character so interesting in the first place and I applaud the creative team for taking the character in this direction.

The art in the book was very simplistic. I don't say that in a bad way. Just that the simplistic art choice mixed with the color palette really resulted in Moon Knights visuals standing out over the rest of the art. Sometimes so much so that he almost jumped off the page. I found myself loving that about the art. My focus always went to Moon Knight and it even felt like his brutality was enhanced with these stylistic choices with the art and colors.

A new villain is also teased in this book. I think that was also one of the most intriguing parts of the book. This villain looks like they could possibly be as or even more brutal than Moon Knight. Could this new villain become Moon Knights main villain we associate with the character? I do feel like that is definitely possible if this creative team deliveres an iconic enough story. In this issue we only got a tease, but that tease was enough to really get me intrigued. Nothing ever comes easy for Moon Knight and this new villain is sure to remind him of that. 

Overall Moon Knight returns with a book that more so gives us an overview of what's to come in the series. His new mission, being back to street level dealings, supernatural elements, and a new villain to deal with. While there's nothing groundbreaking for the character here, it still is an exciting launch of what I hope is a long and exciting series.

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