Home Sick Pilots #7 Review

by Nick Devonald on July 21, 2021

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard
Letters: Aditya Bidikar

Normally you can rely on us at CTG to avoid spoilers in our review, unfortunately this issue presents a little bit of a challenge in terms of being able to discuss it without spoilers. So fair warning if you continue there is a bit of a spoiler (admittedly most readers will not be shocked by this issues revelation). Now that that’s out of the way onto the review properly.

This issue follows Ami and Buzz, who are still alive following their supposed death at the end of the first story arc. While most readers would have taken this as a given it needed to be flagged as a spoiler. So, in this comic we catch up with what our two heroes have been doing during the past three months. In a nutshell they’ve been on the run from the Old James House, which has continued to lurk in the background and haunt them. Ami is adamant she is finished with the ghosts, and wants nothing more to do with them. But unfortunately they don’t feel the same way.

It’s nice to really slow the pace down and look at the friendship between Buzz and Ami. He’s sacrificed so much for her, and it’s nice to get a proper look at them without the interference from the ghosts. It’s a much needed slower issue, and while the threat from the ghosts is always lingering in the background it’s definitely good to spend some time with our characters without them.

And they’re happy. They may be on the run. There may be ghosts, government agencies, and who knows what else after them. But they’re happy. But that won’t last. As the conclusion of the issue shows readers there are a number of different forces aligning against them, and multiple confrontations loom for our heroes in the distance.

This series is so different from any other series out there. The mythology of the ghosts is both unique and incredible. The plot unfolds at a natural pace in a way that feels organic, plenty of time is spent developing the characters so that readers get to know them, and above all it’s a fun, entertaining story. This comic will appeal to readers looking for something a little different, and special. It’s a must have.

Caspar Wijngaard is an incredible artist and his art is one of the highlights of the comic. The designs he uses for the ghosts throughout the series have been unbelievable. They’ve looked incredible but most of all they’ve been unique. As this issue has calmed things down a little it gives him a chance to spend drawing our two heroes and he reminds us that he’s a talented artist even when he’s drawing the more mundane. Each page looks fantastic. Colours are used really effectively throughout the series as well. Typically when the background colour changes it’s used to warn readers that something is coming, it’s subtle but well done. And whenever the ghosts feature the detailed backgrounds fade away, it’s incredibly effective.

Home Sick Pilots established in its first story arc that this comic is not to be missed. Stellar writing, stunning art, a unique and different plot. All the pieces are there to produce a comic that will really appeal to readers. This is the kind of magic that rarely happens, when the perfect creative team work together on a project to produce something really special. READ THIS COMIC.

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