• It was near Halloween 1992 when my dad got me it. It was a reprint issue "Silver Age Classics" printed above the title. A familiar character was on the cover, one that I'd seen on tv, one I had action figures of. Swamp Thing, and the book reprinted: House of Secrets #92. My first horror comic. I'll never forget reading it, I was hooked. Although the Swamp Thing character was the star of the book it was the other stories in it that fascinated me, from the bridging stories featuring Cain and Able the hosts of House of Mystery and House of Secrets respectively, the two
  • Rian Heist is a board game creator and comic book fan. Over the past 2 year he's taken to Kickstarter to finance seven different games. I talked to him about his latest, Golden Age-inspired project, the Great Comics Adventure.

  • Hi folks, my name is Dorlan and I am the new member of team Comics: The Gathering. My duty and honor will be to bring you guys reviews for new episodes of Flash. This blog post should serve as my introduction and a little review of last season.

    First thing you need to know about me, and I can’t stress this enough: I am not a professional. I love movies and TV shows and dedicate a large amount of my free time towards them but you should read my reviews for what they are: one man’s opinion. With that set aside, I’d also like to tell you that each review might be a

  • Hi! I am a new reviewer on this site and wanted to explain my review process. For season/series reviews, I will give a overview of the season/series, reviewing
  • Hi! I am a new reviewer on this site and wanted to explain my review process. For season/series reviews, I will give a overview of the season/series, reviewing it using segments before moving on. I will then discuss the characters one by one before moving on to judge the vfx or other factors. These reviews will be scored out of 10 with series reviews having the possibility of individual season scores. For normal week to week reviews, I will employ a similar style. I will discuss the episode and will highlight characters and performances I find important to discuss instead of reviewing
  • Last week, I happened to come across the solicit for Thin #1, a book written and illustrated by Jon Clark and published by American Gothic Press. Aside from being a filmmaker, he's previously done covers, interior art and writing on titles The Gathering and Tales of the Abyss. Jon was kind of enough to talk to us about Thin and about what drives him as a creator. 

    Greetings readers! We'd like to welcome you to a new segment we're starting on Comics The Gathering where we interview comic book kickstarters to give you additional information about the comic. Today we're interviewing James Wilkinson, creator of Sovereigns Dread who can be found by clicking this link. 


                       So if you are aware of the new Ghostbusters movie and have a working internet connection then statistically speaking you both hate it and have written angry comments on Youtube or your forum of choice. As

  • Moon Knight has been trying to climb the rungs to the A-List since Brian Michael Bendis did his run on the character back in 2011 - the series only lasted 12 issues and there were mixed opinions about the quality. Personally, I found it to be a lot of fun and well-suited to my tastes


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