New Mutants Comic-Con@Home Excitement

by Ryan.L on July 23, 2020

Today Comic-Con@Home held its panel for the New Mutants movie. Ira Madison III moderated the conversation with the cast and writer/director Josh Boone. We got to hear some fun stories on set and how each cast member felt playing their roles. A fun surprise was when famed artist Bill Sienkiewicz from the original ‘New Mutants’ comic book series dropped in on the discussion.

I think one of the best parts of this panel was the opening intro where it went through the many cancelled dates and fans reactions to the changing dates. The opening finished with the title and the August 28th, 2020 release date and a chat bubble bellow saying “fingers crossed.”

There had been a lot of speculation that the movie would be a surprise drop on Disney+ following the Comic-Con@Home panel. While that never happened, we were treated to the very first scene from the movie, and then a new trailer with several new shots we haven’t seen yet. If you weren’t hyped before you should be now! This movie looks like it is going to be so exciting.

The opening scene to the movie was heart pumping, thrilling and starts off running. We see Dani Moonstar being woken up after her voiceover tells us an old Native American proverb. Then her father pulls her out of their trailer and they start running as their home is ravaged by an unknown source. They run into the forest and her father pushes her into a hole in the trunk of a tree and tells her to wait there while he goes to help. Dani witnesses her father being killed and she takes off further into the forest as the unknown source chases her. She tumbles down a hill and is knocked unconscious waking up chained to a bed in what seems like a hospital room.

I got serious chills watching this and then the new trailer following it. While the X-Men films had a low point with the previous release of ‘Dark Phoenix’ this one looks like it just might bring the mutants back to glory on the silver screen.

Finally they gave viewers the chance to enter on Twitter to see an advance screening of the film if you hashtag #NewMutantsComicConAtHome + #NewMutantsScreeningSweepstakes for your chance to win.

Are you hyped for the film? I know I am, especially after watching the footage shown at the panel. Also for more ‘New Mutants’ fun on Twitter use the hastags bellow for emoji’s of your favourite mutants!


Also to watch the panel on YouTube follow this link