If there is one thing X-Men fans are used to it is marketing phrases that suggest universe shaking events. That what is coming in the series, major event or crossover is a game changer and nothing will ever be the same again. While many times at the beginning it feels like this is the case but so often the intent of the game changing moment is there but in the deliverance it just seems to fall flat and then shortly after forgotten. We are now about to head into the next game changer or as Marvel calls it the next seminal moment with Jonathan Hickman's two new series House of X and

          Put the pitchforks down, people. I know Spider-Man: Homecoming is overall a solid movie. But if I’m ranking all the wallcrawler’s flicks, it’s in the middle. Yeah, it’s got some great stuff going for it. Tom Holland is likeable as the protagonist and Michael Keaton is one of the MCU’s better antagonists for sure. With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse blowing it out of the water, though, I think now is a good time to talk about where Homecoming drops the ball. So let’s get to it and countdown the four reasons that Spider-

This column kicks off what we hope will be a new monthly feature here at CTG. We will be spotlighting a Kickstarter campaign to bring more attention to the project and get the backing it needs to get done! We hope you enjoy it and you consider backing the creators and their work. For our inaugural column it’s my pleasure to announce the latest creation by former CTG columnist, Frankee White, 20 Fists! Joining Frank on the project is artist Kat Baumann and letterer DC Hopkins. Together they are putting together a 90 page black and white original graphic novel. I’ve scrolled

We’re officially only about a week away from Halloween which means that this wonderful season is so close to being taken away from me. In the meantime, we’ve still got several days to get some Halloween season comic book reading done. This week, I’m going to tell you about two of my absolute favorite horror comic book series. I chose these two because they both have so much to offer. They are both packed full of everything that makes storytelling exciting and I think that they’ll fit into the season perfectly.  American Vampire American Vampire is a series

Halloween is creeping up on us so quickly and, like every year, I am panicking trying to fit all of the Halloween things in so that I can enjoy every little bit of the holiday season. But enough of thinking about it being over, it’s still the middle of October so let’s get to some horror comic book recommendations.  This week I chose two series that have come out within the last year. Both of these newer series were mini-series and have concluded already so that means you can read them in their entirety. One of the series is a spin-off of a horror movie franchise and one is

For this week of Halloween: The Gathering, I decided to take us all the way down south to New Orleans, which is also my hometown! This city has a rich history of music, food, community, and of course, voodoo. The city’s record of voodoo has caused it to be a location for a lot of different media and plenty of it focuses on the witchcraft that is so excitingly spooky.  So for my fourth week of horror comic book recommendations, I chose three different series that take place in New Orleans. These three current series may not be the scariest, but they are dark and sinister, which

Legendary artist Carlos Ezquerra passed away today, at the age of 70.   Carlos was probably best known for his work for 2000AD. Along side writer John Wagner, he was responsible for the creation of the comic's two big hitters, Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog.  He also worked for a range of other comics.   Dredd’s elaborate gold-heavy uniform was based heavily on the Spanish fascists, a regime the Carlos lived under for many years. Famous for his exotic and strange mega-cities, gritty landscapes and big, chunky characters, Carlos’s very European style

For this third week of Halloween: The Gathering, I will be suggesting some awesome horror comics that lean slightly towards the bizarre side of the genre. I think that both of my recommendations this week are excellent Halloween season reading as they both have plenty of blood and violence. If blood and violence don’t get you in the spirit of Halloween, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until next week because blood and violence is what I have for you this week.  Empowered and Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell Adam Warren created the Empowered comic book

For another week of this spooky season, I have some more horror comic book recommendations for you! I hope that last week’s suggestions helped get you into the Halloween spirit and I hope that this week’s do so even more. Last week’s comics were humorous, classic, fun, and easy to sit back and read. But this week, I’ve got two that are definitely more spooky and a little more disturbing.  Wytches Vol. 1: When I think about my favorite subgenres of horror, I don’t usually immediately think of stories about witches as one of them. But after revisiting the

Well, it is that time of year again! The time of year that you can freely enjoy all media from the horror genre and your friends and family don’t think it’s weird. Thankfully, I have surrounded myself with so many horror fans all over the internet, so I don’t face judgement over my constant love for horror often. But one of the many beautiful things about the couple of months leading up to Halloween is that the appreciation for killers and monsters in media spreads into the hearts of everyone around us and people like me and you get to feel a little normal for a brief


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