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Fan of the comics, the cosmic, and the karmic. I am a reviewer for ComicsTheGathering and hope to make a difference in your pull-list. I am currently writing my own comic with an artist from Dubai, but more about that later.

I can usually be found at the local watering hole in my small mountain town. Comics provide an escape from the harsh environment, for sure, but also let me explore the stranger regions of my mind. There are a ton of comics out there but my favorite are the space-bound adventures of unlikely heroes. There is something so magical about peering up into the night sky wondering if there is some other...something out there. I don't stick to space exclusively, though. Capes, capers, and capabilities of the unsung heroes surround my thoughts and world.

The capers bit was a pun; I like mysteries and cooking. I'll edit this later probably, make that more organic.