Gotham by Midnight #02

by King on January 04, 2015

Gotham by Midnight #02 Main Image
Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Ben Templesmith
Publisher: DC
“It’s about to get biblical here.”
Last issue was not only one of the single best premiere (as well as standalone) issues I’ve read in 2014, but also established the synergy possible between Fawkes and Templesmith, as well as how weird they plan to get; issue #1 spoke volumes for where this series can go. The problem here (if any) is that the bar’s been set high, and I’m not expecting the momentum to slow anytime soon.
This series doesn’t tiptoe about the supernatural like many series try to do – there is some strange $#!+ in Gotham, and it’s thrown in your face with little to no ramp up. This issue of course continues that trend, picking up in media res where Rook and Corrigan last left off: facing off against a weird ass demonic nun. Rook and Corrigan have stumbled into what seems to be the heart of darkness, as they face the source abducting the children of Gotham and returning them changed. We find Rook to be a lot more standoffish when faced with the actual threat that he’s been denying, especially seeing as he was in over his head since the beginning of his IA (internal affairs) investigation of the Midnight Shift. Fawkes makes no hesitation in showcasing this, as we see Corrigan taking initiative in facing down the otherworldly threat haunting the swamps of Gotham. This is also probably a good time to point out that Jim Corrigan’s role as the Spectre is not danced around in this series – and it’s presence as a literal divine force seems to be something that this series will hinge upon heavily.
Templesmith’s art is as disgusting, crude, and tantalizing as ever, and completely feeds into fully and beautifully fleshing out a side of Gotham that we’re unfamiliar with. A sense of the supernatural and flat out weird is strongly conveyed by Templesmith’s frighteningly molded visages of seemingly scattered lines, shapes, and general anatomy, as his unique brand of horror meshes perfectly with Fawkes’s uncanny ability to portray dynamism and depth through simple dialogue exchanges as well as overall narrative. This is a killer team who has successfully handled their first case with the Gotham P.D.’s Supernatural Division, and I can’t wait to see how the events of this issue play into the future of Corrigan and crew, if not the whole of the DC Universe.

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SeanerSurfer's picture
Great review, I'll have to check this series out. I heard some good things at the local shop, but I've been a bit hesitant. I can't wait to pick them up tomorrow.