Flash - Season 2 review

by Dorlan on September 28, 2016

Hi folks, my name is Dorlan and I am the new member of team Comics: The Gathering. My duty and honor will be to bring you guys reviews for new episodes of Flash. This blog post should serve as my introduction and a little review of last season.

First thing you need to know about me, and I can’t stress this enough: I am not a professional. I love movies and TV shows and dedicate a large amount of my free time towards them but you should read my reviews for what they are: one man’s opinion. With that set aside, I’d also like to tell you that each review might be a little different and follow different paths. I will always pick things that stand out most or things that I find most interesting about each episode. I decided for a little less structured reviews because I hope that this way will be more interesting for both you and me. And now, let us get to the main point of this article: short review of second season of The Flash.

NOTE: I’ll write my normal reviews without spoilers, that is very important to me. But this review will be full of spoilers; on the other hand, you really should have seen it already.

Last year Flash in my opinion improved on the first season. Characters got more depth, relationships became stronger and despite being a more prominent part of the plot, they didn’t over shadow main story, unlike some other unnamed show. We saw some characters come and go (I personally really miss Patty Spivot) and creators got almost everything out of them. Even villains we see for only one episode were most of the time more interesting this time around.

One thing that changed a lot, which is weird to say because at its core stayed the same, was the main villain of the season. We got another speedster, but this time we got someone who took a bit different approach than Reverse-Flash. Zoom, who got build up so much and who premiered in 6th episode of the season with spectacular showdown against our beloved Barry. Zoom, who crushed everyone with brute force and unmatched speed. Where Reverse-Flash used intrigue and misdirection, Zoom used fear and strength. Where Reverse-Flash waged psychological war on our heroes Zoom waged real war, with real soldiers. The only issue I have, now that the season is over, is that duplicity of “Jay” and “Hunter”. People who say that Inception was complicated should really watch this show to put that into perspective.

Ending this part, I just want to note that this season we will be seeing way more speedsters and I am a little bit concerned (only a little, after two great seasons the writers do have my trust) about this year’s villain. As it looks like now, we might get another speedster which combined with the presence of Kid Flash (Wally West) might create surplus of speedsters. But let’s wait and see.

Now I’d like to make some negative critiques (to restore balance) about last season. In the first couple of episodes we straight up see Team Flash murder some of Earth-2 baddies that got send to Earth-1 by Zoom. This goes against what Barry fights for that it was hard to look past. Creators did address this later, indirectly, by Wells trying to explain that lives on one earth don’t matter to the second one, but it was still off-putting. And the other big thing that I’d like to rant about happened in last few episodes. Barry goes into the Speed Force itself and he lets go of the feelings about his mother’s murder, those feelings that weighted him down for so long. And he does that only to travel back in time to save her at the end of the series. But to be honest, this point leads to the Flashpoint arc that I am really excited to see.

I was a little sad to say, at least when first season wrapped, that we would be done with Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Boy was I surprised that he was back and the best thing about it? He played yet another shady version of this character that captured the intrigue the first Wells left behind but also changed him enough to be interesting by presenting him in a different light then we have seen him before. Hopefully we can expect similar “resurrection” of this character next season, but the same point I made earlier about speedsters might apply here. How many times can you do the same thing before it gets old?

In conclusion: This show had me excited each week for new episodes and every break the show took was filled with patient but painful waiting. The Flash might not be the highest quality show on the market, not even in superhero category (sorry Team Flash, but Netflix kicks your butt) but it is so damn exciting and fun to watch. Good writing combined with charismatic and lovable characters join together to make a great show and I am hopeful next the season will at least maintain its current quality.

Final grade: 8/10



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