Who's Your Favorite Super Villain?

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Like the title says "Who's Your Favorite Super Vilain"?


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Thanos by a landslide. Nobody threatens the universe like the mad Titan does.


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I'd have to go with Darth Vader. A great mini-series just ended starring Vader called Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. Excellent series which I highly recommend. One of the best endings in mini series I've ever read!

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Though not wholly original, I'd still have to say Joker.

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Any nameless villan who showed up in Solo Avengers, there was a new one every month.

Gotta go with Joker; just a timeless character that'll be around forever and ever

I've been reading a bunch of my old New Teen Titans comics, and I gotta say Deathstroke is a major highlight of the series. The whole Judas Contract stuff alone is awesome enough. If not Deathstroke, how about some love for the Flash villians?