Spinner Picks for 10/05/2016

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Weekly Spinner Picks is all about the hot comics of the week and getting to know the tastes of the writers at Comics: The Gathering. Each week the CTG contributors spotlight which comics they are most looking forward to on Wednesday and how those picks got to the top of their to-read piles. Let us know if you agree or not with our picks and most importantly don’t forget to add your list in the comment section below!
Here are my hot picks of the week!
All-New Wolverine #13: A new arc begins here for my favorite ongoing mutant book. Can Laura escape the demons of her past? Let the fun begin with Enemy of the State II. Written as always by Tom Taylor with a new artist on-board, Nicole Virella
Death of X #1: This X-Event is written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with art handled by Aaron Kuder. This series will reveal what happened eight months ago that set the X-Men on a collision course with the Inhumans. I’m not an Inhuman fan at all so depending on the outcome of this series I may step back from X titles for a while.
He-Man Thundercats #1: A big 80’s cartoon crossover coming out of the DC camp this week. I really enjoyed the Batman TMNT crossover this summer and I’m hoping this series has the same feel to it. It does have the artist, Freddie E Williams II, so we know it’ll look at as good! This series is written by the duo of Lloyd Goldfine and Rob David.
Deadman Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1: I don’t know a lot about Deadman but the premise of the issue grabbed my attention plus I’m a fan of the writer, Sarah Vaughn. This series has Deadman trapped in a mansion battling the forces of darkness with a young lady who has the ability to talk to the dead. It’s always fun to read horror based books in October! The art is handled by Lan Medina.
Shade the Changing Girl #1: DC’s Young Animal imprint continues this week with Shade the Changing Girl. I have to admit I was really excited when this new line was announced but I’ve been underwhelmed with the releases so far. I’m hoping Shade changes that all around! This series follow a teen, Loma, who has run away from her home planet hoping for a more satisfying life. The preview pages I’ve seen look like it’s going to be a pretty fun and trippy adventure. The series is written by Cecil Castellucci with art by Marly Zarcone.
Moonshine #1: I can’t wait for this book!! It’s set in the prohibition era and follows a slick New York gangster sent to West Virginia to negotiate a deal with the backwoods moonshiner who happens to be the best in the business. The series is written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Eduardo Riso. This will be the first book I read on Wednesday!
Archie Meets Ramones One Shot: I love Archie and have been a fan of the Ramones for over 25 years so this is really a no brainer for me to pick up. You can be sure I’ll be blasting my Ramones playlist while reading this on Wednesday. This one-shot is written by the duo of Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg with art by Gisele Lagace. I’ll be trying to get that nice Francesco Francavilla cover. Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!! ( I had to do it)!
Shipwreck #1: Comic legend, writer Warren Ellis, joins AfterShock for this tale of mystery and intrigue. We follow the sole survivor of an unusual shipwreck who has no idea where he has landed pursuing someone who may hold the answers he seeks. This series is drawn by Phil Hester.


is there anyone Archie hasn't met?