Dr. Atlantis #2

by kanchilr1 on April 05, 2013

Dr. Atlantis strikes again in this second volume of the series. The Dr. Atlantis comic was originally a kickstarter project created by author Ian Alley-Seals and artist Carl Mefferd. The series is truly a labor of love between the two creators featuring impeccable art and writing that leaps off the page. This issue of Dr. Atlantis focuses on Captain Edward and the ramifications of lead protagonist Fowler leaving the Marines. This issue is a radical departure from the first in almost every way. The most obvious change in this story is the grim tone. While the book is not in any way depressing the stakes are very high and many of the characters in the story are in a clear and present danger.

This volume serves mostly as a character study for series lead Julius Fowler. Fowler does not admit to being a good man, in fact he recognizes that he has blood on his hands. The good doctor reveals that part of the motivation for the series involves his redemption. Chosot and his people aboard the vessel do their best to stay alive in the middle of an all out war between the factions of Dr. Atlantis and Captain Edward. The writing by series author Ian Alley-Seals is still incredibly sharp. It is truly commendable to attempt the risk of changing the series so soon, however the first volume is still superior to this one. The genius of Doctor Atlantis is that the series can morph into any tone of its choosing and still retain the heart of the series.

It is hard not to sound like a broken record when reviewing the crisp artwork of Carl Mefford. Mefford has such a distinct and surreal style that makes the title look truly unique. Mefford also adjusts to the change in tone by delivering darker panels. The only problem with the artwork itself, is that it does not differentiate during the flashbacks which would have been a nice stylistic choice for the series. Even so the comic book still looks great. All of the fantastic work on the characters and facial expressions are still intact throughout the volume.

Towards the end the writing of this issue comes full circle in a truly interesting and unique way. One new direction for the series is the idea of having cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. Dr. Atlantis is feverishly addicting and these cliffhangers will make most fans of the series read the entire volume in one sitting. The strip is meant to be read in a fast and furious pace making the dialogue really shine. A second reading is required because of the nuances in the writing and the art to truly sink in. Towards the end when the main story is concluded, a return to the more light hearted tales of the sea are teased. The extras included in the back of the story add more to the insight of a curious observer. An impressive map of the Atlantis is detailed within the pages. Maps like this show true attention to detail by the creators and make the series truly special.

Doctor Atlantis volume 2 is not to be missed by any true connoisseur of the comics medium!

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