Weekly Spinner Picks For 02/18/2015

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Weekly Spinner Picks is all about the hot comics of the week and getting to know the tastes of the writers at Comics: The Gathering. Each week the CTG contributors spotlight which comics they are most looking forward to on Wednesday and how those picks got to the top of their to-read piles. Let us know if you agree or not with our picks and most importantly don’t forget to add your list!
Silk #1: Fresh off the conclusion of Spider-Verse Cindy Moon aka Silk gets her own ongoing series. She’s swinging around her NYC trying to figure out her past and defining her future while nabbing bad guys! It’s written by Robbie Thompson which should guarantee a fun read. The art is handled by Stacy Lee. I’m not familiar with her work but from the preview pages I’ve seen she seems to have a real manga feel to it.
Multiversity Mastermen #1: What superstars Grant Morrison and Jim Lee together??!! Count me in! Seriously I’ve been really enjoying the heck out of the whole Multiversity series and this Earth-10 adventure should be no different!
MPH #5: Down to the last of the MPH pills this issue marks the finale of what’s been a wildly entertaining series. I have faith writer Mark Millar and artist Duncan Fegredo will deliver an epic conclusion.
Deadly Class #11: This marks the conclusion to the second arc of this series. Marcus and Maria fight for their lives and their love wielding Uzis, shotguns, and machetes! As always this is written by Rick Remender and drawn by Wes Craig.


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Only one this week guys!

Multiversity Mastermen #1: As our beloved Mr. Gervais said, Morrison and Lee together should bring out the best in any comic. I'm not the biggest fan of the series or setting, but two heavyweights on the docket for the making of it is sure to please the most layman of comic book readers. 

That's all I'm looking forward to. Slow week!
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So many to pick from but the one I am most excited for is:

PLUNDER #1  I love how BOOM is reviving horror comics and I also prefer Pirates over Ninjas.  So it's a no brainer.  The book is about a small child who goes from translater to pirate while he struggles with how far and deep his actions are taking him all in the name of self preservation.  
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Plunder: Pirate horror book? I think yes.

Secret Identities: Jay Faerber is my favorite creator right now so I'll gladly pick up anything he's involved in. This is one of those.

Bitch Planet: A really good, approachable but hard to predict book that's coming out at the right time in the right way.

Rumble: Still willing to give this one a try because I like Arcudi so much but right now it's a little muddled. Hopefully, this one turns things up a notch in characterization and clarity.