Avengers #1

by Alex J. on December 08, 2012

In an attempt to compete with DC’s 52, Marvel launched their own brand of #1s.  Only, unlike the other major comic distributor, this line was not a reboot.  Because of this, such first issues like Uncanny Avengers required knowledge of some back story in order to fully understand.  While Avengers #1 suffers in a small part from the same problem, it is not enough to detract from what promises to be a hopeful beginning.


The issue is more of a prologue, if anything.  The story revolves around Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they actually leave the planet to confront a threat from Mars.  Unfortunately, they prove to be no match for the evil that they face, and they are beaten and captured.  Captain America is sent back to Earth as a message to the world that nothing will be able to stop the villains from carrying out their nefarious plans.


Luckily, we are shown earlier in the comic that Iron Man and Captain America had formed a contingency in which they would expand the number of members due to the threats becoming greater.  The issue ends with Captain America summoning a new group to face the challenge and save his fallen comrades.


Again, this issue shows great hope for what may become an epic story arc.  As stated above, Avengers #1 reads more as a prologue that sets the stage for an epic tale that may change the superhero group into a new and more powerful force.  Of course, this setup could go downhill with the following issues and this arc may prove to be nothing but a waste of time and money, but only time will tell.


The company has stated that Marvel Now was not going to be a reboot, but merely a jumping-on point for new readers.  The idea is that, while prior knowledge will prove to be a benefit, it will not be necessary to enjoy these issues.  Avengers #1 has so far proven this to be true, and should the following issues continue in this fashion, this series will become one worth reading for any comic fan.

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Personally I Loved it


I dont know if the end of the Bendis era so bad or this was so good but its the best avengers comic i read in years