Who's Your Favorite Super Hero?

Who's your favorite Super Hero? Male/Female?


Wonder Woman


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Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) & Power Girl (for two reasons heh heh heh)

Now I know why you like Power Girl!!!

Rather have her partner BUSTICE Sara Jean Underwood & Carrie Keagan

Now thats what I call a REAL DREAM TEAM SUPER HERO'S!!! BOO YAAA

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Hmmm tough question! I like the X-Men so it would probably have to be Wolverine and Rogue or Emma Frost. I've always been a Spidey, Batman, and Punisher as well so they would be in my top picks.

Yea too tough a question, the answer changes too often!

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My favourite male hero is definitely Batman, although I get a lot of flak for thinking Aquaman is awesome as well! As for females, I'd have to say my favourite female hero is probably Wonder Woman.

hmm id have to say wolverine is my favorite hero but Lobo is a close second. and for a female i dont know theres to many that i like i cant chose just one.

Hard choice. Franklin Richards, X-man, Doctor Nemesis and Spider-man all tie for the male segment. As for female, Magik, Emma Frost, Zatanna, The Invisible Woman and X-23.