Batman #135 (#900) Review

by Wes Greer on May 02, 2023

Writer – Chip Zdarsky
Art – Mike Hawhorne – Jorge Jimenez – Mikel Janin
Inks – Adriano Di Benedetto – Jorge Jimenez – Mikel Janin
Colors – Tomeu Morey – Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters – Clayton Cowles

  Its finally here! The epic finale issue of the “Batman of Gotham” arc of Batman as well as the 900th overall issue in legacy numbering and there really couldn’t have been a better issue to celebrate such an achievement as reaching 900 issues.

While ill be the first to admit that this arc has been a bit slow and at times has dragged on a bit, Writer Chip Zdarsky lays all his cards down on the table in this latest issue and shows readers its all been a methodical plan as he unleashes everything he has in this newest issue that will both surprise and excite not just Batman comics readers, but anyone who has enjoyed Batman across multiple mediums. Batman #135 also marks a major milestone for the series with it being the 900th issue in the series and DC couldn’t have chosen a better creative team to celebrate this achievement. Batman #135 opens up with an action-packed sequence that picks up right after the events of last month’s issue and brings all the events from this arc full circle with Zdarsky revealing the bigger picture in a way that will have readers glued to every panel all the way to the last page where Zdarsky teases an even bigger event to come as a consequence of Batman’s actions across this issue. While it may appear to Batman that this chapter of his mission is over, it’s only just beginning and if Zdarsky is able to deliver this kind of excitement to an arc like this, I can only imagine the madness and excitement to come.

If the writing of this issue wasn’t already exciting enough, Artist Mike Hawthorne brins his A game to the final chapter of his arc and delivers some of the best line art we’ve seen from him to date that echoes the excitement of Zdarsky’s story and brings it to life in a stunning fashion, BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! Acclaimed Batman artists, Jorge Jimenez and Mikel Janin also lend their talents to this exciting issue to blend universes with look of Hawthorne’s Batman and the result is something readers could have only dreamed of. Colorist Tomeu Morey really shows us his talents in this issue as he is tasked with blending the art of three artists together to create a cohesive look throughout and he makes it look flawless! This issue is easily one of the best drawn issues we’ve ever seen, and everything is executed flawlessly thanks to this incredible artistic team.

Overall, Batman #135 is one of the best single issues of Batman we have seen in a long time and its because of the genius writing of Chip Zdarsky that brings all the previous events full circle, topped with one of the best artistic creative teams in comics all coming together to deliver the best book they could to celebrate 900 issues of Batman and an issue that paves the way for 900 more!

Batman #135 is available today and you can pick up your copies from your local comic book shop or via digital format through your preferred digital retailer. Not sure where your local comic book shop is? Head over to to find out!

-Wes Greer

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