Detective Comics #1067 Review

by Wes Greer on December 27, 2022

Writer – Ram V
Art – Ivan Reis
Inks – Danny Miki
Colors – Dave Stewart
Letters – Ariana Maher
Publisher – DC Comics

As an Arctic Freeze blows over most of the U.S. and we find ourselves in the middle of a huge holiday week, Detective Comics #1067 brings a chilling story with it as the Dark Knight faces off with Mr. Freeze in a world that’s not too far off from our own. While the subject matter might have to do with snow and ice, the story itself is sure to warm up any reader who picks this issue up with its exciting narrative and gorgeous line art and colors.

Detective Comics #1067 opens up with Batman frozen in Ice trying to thaw his way out after the events of the last issue. Writer Ram V uses this as an opportunity to have Batman reflect on the countless times he been in this same predicament and how he’s always found away because, well, he’s Batman, but V opens things up a bit more as Batman really goes into a deep dive about how this isn’t like every time before where he knew he could win and how things in Gotham are changing and he is not as confident as he once was about how to move forward. The entire opening sequence just goes on to show how creative Ram V is with his stories, dealing with not only conflict between Batman and his foes, but a deeper conflict within Batman himself that continues to unwind into what has been one of my favorite runs in Tec history. As the story progresses, V unwraps an exciting and intense thriller of a story that really builds upon the tensions between Batman and Freeze and furthers along the character development of Arzen, who is proving to be quite an interesting character and I’m really interested in where this story is taking him. Although there are times in this issue where the narration feels like it may drag on a little, it’s worth it in the end and really helps to ground the story in this issue, keeping the reader on the hook panel after panel. 

For the art of the issue, we get the dynamic team of Ivan Reis on Pencils along with legendary inker Danny Miki, who prove to be a true “dynamic duo” with Reis laying down precise and beautiful lines, with Miki laying down gorgeous inks that truly bring the art to life. The cherry on the icing is colorist Dave Stewart bringing the iced out Gotham City to life with his cold tones and hues that resemble a life like city met with the hazards of a harsh winter landscape. Just a beautiful visual that really brings the emotions of Ram V’s story to life before the readers eye and selling the emotion that readers will feel in their core.

Overall, Detective Comics #1067 is a bit heavy on the narration, but it is helpful in grounding this story which is otherwise exciting and escalates as tensions grow between Batman and Freeze and the art team delivers a solid visual that really makes the reader feel like they are trapped in ice alongside the Dark Knight. Another exciting chapter in one of my favorite runs on Detective in a long time. 

Detective Comics #1067 is available now at your local comic book shop as well as digital format via your preferred digital comic retailer. 

-Wes Greer


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