Batman #127 Review

by Wes Greer on September 07, 2022

Writer – Chip Zdarsky
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics

After just two issues that have put the solo Batman title back on the map, amongst many other Bat-titles, Batman #127, the third issue from the new creative team of Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez is here and excels the series even further with what just might be the best single issue we’ve seen in years.

For the writing of the issue, Zdarsky delivers just about everything you could ask for as a comic reader. He opens this issue up with a very strong and emotional encounter between Superman and Batman that is used as a clever device to show the current mental state of Bruce, who at the end of the last issue “deactivated” the Bruce part of himself, bringing out one of the wildest iterations of Batman ever seen, the Batman of Zur En Arrh. The rest of the issue deals with Tim trying to figure out what exactly Zur En Arrh is, while he (Zur En Arrh) rambles on about why Bruce activated him and what his role was in the Failsafe activation, which makes for wild and at times hilarious interactions between the two.
The light heartedness takes a quick turn though and the issue becomes nonstop action and excitement all the way to the last panel and to be honest, I was upset when I got to the last page of the main story because I was hooked! This issue just cements the genius story telling of Zdarsky and why this series is the number one seller issue after issue. Usually when I review these titles, I go over them with a fine-tooth comb, looking for issues or things I wish we would have seen, but for this one I have nothing. Its solid from beginning to end and it’s been a long time since this has happened for me.

The art of the issue by Jimenez and Morey is just as superb as the writing. Jimenez gives us a newer version of the Zur En Arrh suit that celebrates everything that made it great originally, while adding his own technical style to it that makes it work in a more current time with sleeker angles and a better overall aesthetic look. Morey delivers on colors as well with dark tones and brilliant shadows that bring the emotions of everything together and creating another gorgeous overall look to a more serious Gotham.

Overall, Batman #127 delivers everything a reader looks for in a comic book. Emotion, action, intrigue, excitement, and a beautiful art aesthetic that takes a reader to a place they never want to leave, showing just how strong this new creative team is as they fire on all cylinders and raise the bar that they continue to set, issue after issue.

Batman #127 is available today, so head to your local comic book shops or you can purchase your copy via digital download from your preferred digital comic retailer.
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-Wes Greer

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