Detective Comics #1063 Review

by Wes Greer on August 23, 2022

Writer – Ram V
Art – Rafael Albuquerque
Colors – Dave Stewart
Letters – Ariana Maher
Publisher – DC Comics

 Coming off the heels of a first chapter that has received high praise from both reviewers and fans alike, Detective Comics returns with its second chapter of its new operatic and gothic story arc from the new creative team of writer Ram V and artist Rafael Albuquerque.

Detective Comics #1063 begins with its focus on Bruce, who is trying to piece together the mystery of the changes he feels within himself, as well as Gotham and implores the help of the newly reformed, Harvey Dent. After a heated exchange between the two, the story pushes its focus towards exploring more of the history of the newest rogues, as well as their future for Gotham as Batman seeks more help from a past foe who may be the only person who can help him make any sense of the mysterious music box he found at the end of the last issue.

While this issue serves as more of a follow up story that fills in gaps and answers some questions asked in the previous issue, writer Ram V does a beautiful job with the pacing of this issue, giving readers just enough to keep them on the hook while transitioning between events and unfolding the ongoing mysteries piece by piece, without giving too much or too little away. This issue also sees a lot less of the theatrical narrative and really stays laser focused on the matter at hand, which helps deliver the tension and drama that unfolds throughout the issue.  Another solid entry into what I consider to be one of the more exciting arcs we have had in Detective for some time now.

For the art of this issue, Rafael Albuquerque delivers another solid body of work with a darker and gloomier world that truly echoes the emotions and tones of the story, bringing everything full circle to fully envelop the reader. Stunning line art and character designs, as well as a Gotham City that echoes the theatrical tones of this arc really set it apart from anything we have seen previously in this series.

Overall, Detective Comics #1063 is another invigorating chapter in the series from this new creative team. Ram V continues to engage readers with his dark and gritty mystery tale, while Rafael Albuquerque brings all the emotion of the writing to life with his gloomy and intricate line art that leaves the reader glued to every panel.

Detective Comics #1063 is available today and you can pick up your copy at your local comic bookstore or via digital download from your preferred digital retailer.
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-Wes Greer

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