Batman Reptilian #2 Review

by Wes Greer on July 29, 2021

Writer – Garth Ennis
Art – Liam Sharp
Letters – Rob Steen
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label

After a sensational premiere issue, Batman Reptilian returns with its second issue this week and ithe creative team of Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp deliver another sensation entry into this series and take readers on a dark and mature mystery thrill ride as Batman investigates who or what is setting up and attacking the rogues in Gotham City.

Issue two opens by taking readers right back where the first issue ended with Batman trying to get any clues he can from an injured Penguin who is one of the only victims capable of speaking after the attacks. Garth Ennis uses his issue to introduce readers to his version of the Dark Knight which we quickly learn is a Batman who really dislikes his rogues gallery and almost has a inferiority complex when speaking to them as they garbage, which we’ve all come to learn long ago. Ennis also gives us a more complex and cold Batman that appeals to more mature readers through his actions and dialogues and gives off what feels like a more realistic version if the character. The story progresses throughout this issue at a bit of a slow pace and some of the dialogue does drag on a bit and feels unnecessary at time, but Ennis does a great job at keeping the reader engaged throughout the long dialogue and entertained with the more mature dialect. This issue sees a more detective side of Batman throughout as well which I personally enjoy over the more hit first ask questions later Bat we normally see and as the book progresses, we learn more and more about who or what is causing this mayhem but Ennis keeps the cards close to the chest leaving readers still curious as to what is really going on and adds exciting new elements to really throw readers off the trail of what is going which leaves you interested in continuing the series to follow the mystery. This issue isn’t as intense as the first but still offers enough intrigue and mature content to leave you turning the page and is an overall excellent execution of mystery and intrigue.

Liam Sharp adds to the bone chilling excitement of this issue with his dynamic digital paintings that really brings the emotion of the script to life before the readers eyes and really sells the overall tones of the story. Sharp uses complex art styles that blend brilliant dark with vivid, eye catching colors that creates a visual that truly captures the readers attention and is something new and fresh that we haven’t really experienced in a Batman comic, helping separate this story from the other out on the shelves right now. The character designs are exciting and menacing at the same time as well as the work Sharp has built around these characters, almost as if you were seeing the visuals through a nightmare. The colors used are brilliant and combine with art to create a beautifully terrible aesthetic that is the perfect blend for the story and is essentially flawless. At points where the story drags, it doesn’t bother the reader because they are drawn in by the incredible art work and makes the lag forgivable.

Overall, Batman Reptilian #2 is another great entry to the series with Ennis drawing readers into a mature version of the Dark Knight while delivering a journey filled with mystery and intrigue with Liam Sharp delivering an incredible visual that draws readers in with its nightmarish tones that bring the essence and emotions of the story to life.

Batman Reptilian #2 is available now so be sure to grab a copy and to read it with the lights on.

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-Wes Greer 

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