Killadelphia #13 Review

by Wes Greer on May 25, 2021

Writer – Rodney Barnes
Art – Jason Shawn Alexander
Colors – Luis NCT
Letters – Marshall Dillon
Publisher – Image Comics

After what feels like an eternity, Killadelphia is finally back and issue thirteen is one fans of the series have been “dying” for. Readers were taken on a wild ride in the second arc of the series and all of that was topped off by the last issue where there was more than one game changer thrown into the story that left off in a massive cliffhanger that had fans in awe all over social media. Killadelphia continues to prove itself to be one of the best horror comics out right now and his creative team has managed to top all of the previous excitement with issue #13.

Killadelphia #13 starts off taking readers to the beginning of a new event that is sure to become a huge part of this new arc and lays a foundation to build future arcs around. Rodney Barnes does an impressive job opening this title up on a new sequence with there being so much going on from the previous issues that keeps the reader interested in this new event without having them want to jump forward to get back into the excitement of the previous issue. After the opening sequence, the story does go back to the cliffhangers we were all left on in the previous issue and Barnes delivers on the pacing of the issue as excitement builds more and more as readers turn page by page. The story of this issue revolves around three main sequences and Barnes does a great job progressing the story, weaving in between the events that bring the reader along to come full circle towards the end. There is not a dull moment to be found anywhere in this issue and just when you thought things were as wild as they could be, Barnes weaves in a new factor that is sure to have an even worse fate for the characters of the story. This issue really celebrates everything that has made Killadelphia the book it is and adds in a new level of terror that only Barnes himself would be able to conjure up. The way the last arc left off, he could have very easily created a new arc around just that but being the true creative genius he is, Barnes introduces a whole new element to the story that changes the game again and is sure to be another game changing arc for the series. This issue felt like a blend of Hamilton sprinkled on top of Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned while staying original and creating an all new exciting story. As I read through the issue, I could not get enough and when I got to the last panel, I was upset. Not because the story lacked but because I wanted so much more! Barnes really delivers on the past and plants new seeds that are sure to blossom into an even wilder ride that is sure to keep the series fresh and exciting.

I really hate reviewing the art of this series. It’s almost impossible not to say the same thing in every single review because Jason Shawn Alexander delivers on every single issue and there are only so many words you can use to describe the dark and immersive world he has created for this series. Alexander has truly created such a unique world for this book that truly separates it from any other comic out there. Not surprising from the artist who did the same thing for Spawn and that was with a character he did not create and was limited by certain things from the characters history. With Killadelphia, it was a blank slate and you can truly feel the amount of time and passion Alexander has put into this series, line by line as he brings Barnes story to life visually. A story that in itself, is already dark and emotional is  brought to life by the art of JSA. The whole aesthetic of this issue is terrifying and the art reflects that perfectly as though pulling the visuals straight out of one of your worst nightmares. There is just so much depth to this issue and we see some shocking new horror at the end of the issue that will haunt you for quite some time. The colors by Luis NCT all make the artwork that much more terrifying and enjoyable by really rounding everything out and delivering the emotional element of the fear to life. Another overall amazing issue brought to life by this dynamic art team.

Overall, Killadelphia #13 builds upon an already exciting and dramatic horro story and adds even new elements that are sure to keep readers hooked throughout this new arc wanting more and more, page after page. The dynamic art team delivers another solid issue that creates a horrific and immersive experience for its readers that sets it apart from any other comic out there.

Killadelphia #13 is available now at your local comic shop as well as available in digital format through your preferred digital retailer. Make sure you pick up a copy and put it on the top of your read pile this week as it is easily my favorite new book of the week and picks upon the wild cliffhanger the last issue left us on! Let us know what you thought of the issue by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

-Wes Greer

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