Batman #108 Review

by Wes Greer on May 04, 2021

Writer – James Tyrion IV
Art – Jorge Jimenez
Colors – Tomeu Morley
Letters – Clayton Cowles

A new month means a new issue of Batman ( I’m talking about the main title, not the other 100 that are being published alongside it) and while the last couple issues have given me a bit of hope, I feel like the series is kind of stuck in an infinite loop currently. I’m still holding on to hope because Tynion has planted some neat little seeds that can potentially blossom into some exciting events but this issue really didn’t have anything exciting other than the phenomenal art of Jimenez but it’s still constant on beating the lackluster event of Joker War.

The writing of this latest Batmanissue echoes the previous few where it opens with Batman trying to remember the events that led up to him being captured by Scarecrow and then the story reverting back to previous events and trying to tie up the story to come back around full circle to current events. This method of story telling had me excited at first but now it’s just kind of stuck on repeat and the story is dragging on because of it. This issue does serve to progress the story a bit further on down the line though and in true Tynion nature,introduces another new character that has been teased for months now, Miracle Molly. We learn a bit about her in this issue and what her involvement is in the bigger picture and while the design of the character is fun and unique, there’s really nothing special about her, at least not in this issue, that makes it feel like she will be a memorable character down the line. I am a fan of the way Tynion is treating Batman a bit more like a creator owned book and introducing new characters and elements but at this point , I feel like maybe he has gone too deep and it’s taking away from the excitement usually brought on by new characters. He sprinkles too many of them in and once and because of it, they never really get their time to establish themselves in the universe and become easily forgettable. The overall story is decent and it does progress a bit more finally but there’s not a whole lot in this one that anyone will be talking about a week from now.

The saving grace of this issue is the art of Jorge Jimenez. His beautiful character designs continue to deliver that visual wow factor that comic fans look for and the Gotham he has created is just top tier. Jimenez has really been put to the test working on Batman with all of these new characters Tynion keeps sprinkling in and just continues to excel when it comes to their designs and aesthetic. Jimenez delivers another top notch body of work in this issue with some phenomenal splash pages that really are just stunning. Tomeu Morey delivers the chefs kiss of the art, bringing all of Jimenez’s designs to life with brilliant highlights and deep darks that continue to bring the art to life and create the overall illusion of emotion being brought to life through the art itself. Another stunning work from this stellar art team. 

Overall, Batman #108 moves the story forward but is a bit of a repeat in formatting and even though we meet a new highly anticipated character, her debut is a bit of a dud but the saving grace comes from the genius art team with Jimenez’s beautiful character designs and Morey’s brilliant colors. 

Batman #108 is available now so head over to your local comic shop and pick it up and let us know what you thought of the debut of Miracle Molly by leaving a comment below!

-Wes Greer

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