Spawn #317 Review

by Wes Greer on April 29, 2021

Writer – Todd McFarlane
Art – Carlo Barbers
Colors – Jay David Ramos
Letters – Tom Orzechowski
Publisher – Image Comics

Man, what a time to be a Spawn fan. I’ve been a fan of the series since day one when Spawn #1 hit stands and as a lifelong reader, I can tell you guys right now that it has been hard at times to stay on the series. It hasn’t all been this fun and exciting and the series has hit some pretty low lows at times but it has always been able to shake the dust off and come back to at least a decent place but Todd McFarlane has really been able to refresh the series and bring so much new life and excitement to it, that right now may be the best the series has ever been with a thriving creative team and new characters and stories that have all been just an exciting breath of fresh air that the series has needed and 2021 truly is becoming the year of Spawn as we inch closer to the release of Spawn’s Universe in June.

Spawn #317 takes readers right back to the epic fight the last issue left off with between Omega Spawn, Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and the appearance of the mysterious Plague Spawn. Omega Spawn’s plans to have Al Simmon’s negotiate with the imprisoned Cogliostro have been have been shattered and he truly underestimated the abilities of Al. This issue continues on the massive battle of the Hell Spawn’s as Omega pulls out every last trickle can muster up to win the day. McFarlane really amps up the energy of the story telling and as the issue progresses, the excitement and build up never ceases, leaving readers excited page after page as we discover just how powerful the new Plague Spawn is as he battles Omega. Although the issue is exciting and we see a battle of epic proportions, the event wraps up pretty quick and is a little bit of a let down how quickly and easily it comes to a wrap. Even though it wraps quickly, I can understand why McFarlane chose to wrap it as it was to show readers the strength of the Plaque Spawn and how dangerous he can end up being in the long run as we get closer to the release of the expanded Spawn Universe. The issue also leaves readers on a massive cliff hanger that leaves us pondering what Plague Spawn has in store for our Spawn?

Carlo Barberi delivers another incredible issue with his intriquete line art and brilliant attention to detail. The new visuals he’s brought to the series are another breath of fresh air the series needed on its new redirection to really establish itself again as the world is about to expand and become more immersive than ever. The character designs are beautiful and the world around them really echoes the same amount of detail creating a truly immersive world for readers to get lost in. The colors of the issue continue with the same bright and vivid flow the previous issues have had which I personally am not that big of a fan of. It’s not anything lackluster and doesn’t take away from the series at all but Spawn has always been more of a dark and edgier comic and the colors as of late reflect more of a happy go lucky super hero comic which almost defeats the tone we’ve come to know and love with this character. It’s just an odd look for the series but I’m sure over time will become a familiar atmosphere. Aside from the camp superhero tones, the coloring is intriquete and really pops off of the pages. Very vivid brights and deep darks create a fantastic contrast that is really a delight on the eyes. The lettering of the issue is pretty standard and is clean, crisp, and easily read as you flip throughout the issue. 

Overall, Spawn #317 is an exciting story that wraps up the events set in motion in the previous arc and begins an entirely new one full of intrigue and wonder as readers are left to assume the worst has yet to come. The art of the issue delivers a unique new style to the world as it redefined the series again and although the colors reflect a more campy superhero comic, they are brilliant and really make the world pop right off the pages. There are some minor flaws in the issue such as a lackluster finale to an epic battle but it is easily forgiven when you understand why McFarlane went that route to demonstrate just how powerful this new threat will be for Spawn and his allies.

Spawn #317 is available now so grab your chains and head over to your local comic shop and pick up one of the four incredible variants available, or all of them for that matter!

-Wes Greer

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