Batman Catwoman #4 Review

by Wes Greer on March 30, 2021

Writer – Tom King
Art – Clay Mann
Colors – Tomeu Morey
Letters – Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics Black Label

March has been a wild ride for DC fans. Future State has finally ended and the main titles have all returned along with some new number one issues but I have to say that I have been most excited for a return to Batman Catwoman. There have been a lot of changes and ups and downs with the other Batman titles out there right now but Tom King and Clay Mann have stayed true to their amazing efforts on Bat Cat and it is one of the only constants I can count on right now and issue four delivers on everything they’ve given already and so much more!

Batman Catwoman #4 opens up with Tom King selling readers on the spirit of Holiday time. The opening sequence sees various shots of the people of Gotham City all engaging in Holiday activities, much like they would in any city, giving the feeling that all is happy and merry in the city as Christmas carols ring throughout the panels but King puts a halt to all of that by shifting the pacing all of a sudden and reminding us that this is Gotham City after all and things aren’t always as they appear. The sequence shifts to a shot of the Phantasm and she delivers a dark dialogue. The way King executed this opening sequence gives chills down the readers spine as emotions quickly shift and is one of the things King does best with his writing style. It’s like we almost forget what we are reading until he pulls us back into it and really shifts our attention back into Gotham and it’s woes. The rest of the issue progresses like the previous issues with the story progressing over various timelines but this issue really turns a corner for the story and what I feel has already been a stellar read, hooks the reader even deeper with this turn of events and left me even more excited for the future issues. There are some moments in this issue that kind of lack any excitement and the dialogue drags on a bit too long in certain sequences but overall, King does a great job of making up for those shortcomings and it is easily forgiven as you progress towards the end of the issue where the excitement factor really takes hold. Another solid entry by King into this series and this issue is easily my favorite one so far.

For the art of the issue, I don’t even know how to review it because I e already said so many amazing things about it in prior reviews. Clay Mann delivers another solid effort in an issue full of incredible character and world designs along with remarkable detail and panel work. The only thing that really bugs me with his work is the suit design for Helena still looks like it is painted on to her skin. There is almost too much detailing of her body that comes through the suit and I would really like to see some kind of suit detailing in certain areas instead of her body details but he does add a bit more of a layered look to the pants of this suit than he did in the previous issue so it’s not as bad, but still looks as if though it is her skin. Tomeu Morey delivers another solid work as well as his colors really make this series pop and delivers breathtaking realistic tones and highlights that give the story even more emotion and helps separate the timelines from a visual standpoint with the the different colors and tones used through out. Just an incredible looking book overall and this art team continues to reign supreme over at DC.

Overall, Batman Catwoman #4 is an exciting page turner that despite having some slower moments redeems itself in full with the corner the story takes and is another exceptional issue from a visual standpoint that helps drive the emotions and tones of the story and brings the issue full circle for its readers. This issue is easily my favorite of the series so far. 

Batman Catwoman #4 is available today so be sure to pick it up and I would add this one to the top of your reading pile!

-Wes Greer

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