Action Cats

by Vannary Sok on November 08, 2012

“Meet Jetpack Cat, Aqua Cat, Rollerskate Cat, and Karate Cat – the astounding Action Cats! When action calls, they answer – unless it’s naptime or there’s a sunbeam or a particularly active butterfly to catch. No, don’t worry, we mean it, the Action Cats will save the day!”


Written by Adam P. Knave (Crazy Little Things, Legend of the Burrito Blade) and Lauren Vogelbaum (Legend of the Burrito Blade, The Flaming Carrot/Anomalies Crossover)


Art by Eamon Dougherty


Edited by DJ Kirkbride (Titmouse Mook Volume 2, Do You Believe in Ninjas?)


Title page designed by Dylan Todd


Monkey Brain Comics presents to us a comic that gives readers exactly what the front page and the title itself entails (no pun intended) – cats and action! Now, I’m a sucker for all things cute and furry so one would think a comic book about a foursome of butt kicking felines would have me all doe eyed and squealing. Come on, animals in costumes doing people things? Can I get a collective “Awww yeah”? But these cats aren’t quite your Hello Kitty. And they’re not the Samurai Pizza Cats either (90’s anyone?).


The comic book starts off with an intro montage of the furry domesticated animals saving the day from various over the top, yet archetypal, threats. It feels like the opening for a Saturday morning children’s cartoon show – think the Powerpuff Girls but with cats! Here we are acquainted with Jetpack Cat, Aqua Cat, Roller skate Cat and Karate Cat. And they remain acquaintances, and most adorable ones too, throughout the comic while their owner, Beatrice Rudy, stay oblivious to their heroic efforts.


But if you’re looking to read something that has substance, Action Cats is not where you’re going to find it. Which is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes we need mindless entertainment. It still tells a story from point A to B, nothing more. What it lacks in substance it makes up for in the art though. I really enjoyed Eamon Dougherty’s drawings (which you can see more of on his blog and his ability to capture humor within them. His focus on bright eye-catching colors contributed in supporting the narrative and style of the comic. Each panel quickly cuts to another for a fast paced story that’s almost comedic.


Action Cats is a case of “what you see is what you get”. But it's a fun and light read for anyone of any age to enjoy and chuckle to while having a nice bowl of cereal in the morning. Don’t worry, you won’t choke.

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lucstclair's picture

I wonder who would win? Action Cats VS Thundercats! Let's get ready to rumble (and scratch). Great review Vannary.