Grant Morrison : Talking with Gods (DVD)

by stephengervais on February 25, 2012

This is a great look into the mind of one the architects of modern comic books. It covers his life from childhood to his eventual success. It was very interesting to hear how he comes up with ideas and transfers them to the classic comics we read.

His life itself (so far) was definitely the highlight of the movie. What a life he’s lead! He talks about everything from his drug use to his magic practices to his alien abduction. He’s a very engaging and unusual man.

Definitely a must watch if your fan of his work and even you’re not he has a very interesting life story which makes for a genuinely entertaining watch. My only complaint would be the lack of extras with this DVD. I would’ve liked some outtakes and behind the scene footage.

I’ll definitely be re-visiting some of his classic works this week.

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