Invisibles volume 1: Say You Want A Revolution (tbp)

by stephengervais on February 22, 2012

This first volume of the undisputable classic Invisibles collects issue 1 to 8 of the original series. It’s of course brought to us by DC’s mature imprint Vertigo and written by the legendary Grant Morrison with Steve Yeowell, Jill Thompson, and Dennis Cramer sharing the art duties. Many consider this to be Morrison’s finest piece of work which is not a hard case to make considering the strong characterization, refreshing originality, and smart dialogue throughout this series.

This first volume can be broken into two parts. The first half introduces us to the main character, Jack Frost. Jack is a rebellious teenager sent to a boarding school only to escape and befriend a homeless man who initiates him into the world of the Invisibles. The Invisibles are a band of rebels dedicated to the ideals of freedom. They’re a group fighting big brother using magic and violence. The second half of the volume Jack Frost begins training with the Invisibles and takes part in a time travel mission. The Invisibles must go back in time and bring one their own back with them.

Although this volume is a bit slow it is essential in establishing all the characters and what their roles will be.  You can’t help but be pulled into the series with all the potential shown in this introductory volume.

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