Hellboy: Seed of Destruction (tpb)

by stephengervais on February 20, 2012

Seed of Destruction was originally a 4 issue mini-series created and drawn by Mike Mignola and written by John Byrne. This trade is the original series published by Dark Horse comics along with two mini stories Mignola original published as promotional material to help give Hellboy a push.

As this is the first volume of Hellboy we get an introduction to the cast of characters, both good and bad, a bit of the origin of our hero, as well as some the themes and mysteries the ongoing series will be examining.

The first issue of course examines how Hellboy came to be. It opens with a group of Nazis summoning Hellboy from hell and subsequently being attacked and losing him to the Allied forces. We then fast forward many years later as Hellboy is now part of a group of government paranormal investigators. We are introduced to his adoptive father Professor Bruttenholm and his two companions Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman. Not to dwell too much into the story as to ruin it I’ll just say the Nazis are back and want Hellboy to join them in what they feel is his destiny.

John Byrne moves things along nicely with a strong script and compelling dialogue. He’s serious at times and of course flashes moments of classic Byrne humor. What really captures you though is Mignola’s concept and artwork.  He brings together a story filled with mythology, fairy tale, and horror. The dark inks and gothic backgrounds captivate the reader into an almost sinister frame of mind. His style evokes a dark ambience throughout the entire story.

Seed of Destruction is definitely a good introduction into the world of Hellboy.  Mignola’s eerie artwork alone is worth checking this one out but along with that you get a story with a great mix of action, magic, and horror.

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