Batman: Noel (HC Graphic Novella)

by stephengervais on January 18, 2012

DC started promoting this graphic novel several months ago by giving us a 3-4 page preview in the back of most of their monthly titles. This is an original graphic novel, not a reprint, written and drawn by Lee Bermejo. The absolute first thing that struck me with the preview was the incredible artwork. I knew because of the artwork alone I would have to purchase this upon its release.

This edition was released in deluxe oversized format which makes the artwork even more spectacular.  Lee Bermejo is easily one of my favorite artists. His previous work includes DC one shots, The Joker and Luthor. Both of which were fantastically drawn but this may be his best work yet. He truly brings to life Gotham City and those who inhabit it. His art perfectly portrays how desperate the characters are and just how grimy Gotham truly is.

The story is a play on the premise of the Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, with Batman taking the role of Scrooge. The basis of the story being, will Batman find a heart? This is Bermejo’s first attempt at writing and I feel he made a good transition. The narration at times becomes tedious but overall he captures the essence of the Dickens story with his own twist to it. The second time I read this story I took a friend’s advice and ignored the narration and just concentrated on the art and the dialogue. This way you really let the artwork guide the story and I found it more enjoyable.

Overall I’d recommend this purchase. The oversized deluxe format is beyond a doubt the best way to enjoy Bermejo’s extraordinary artistic talent.

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