Wolverine #300

by stephengervais on January 16, 2012

There seems to be a lot of anniversary re-numbering as of late in the Marvel universe. This time around Wolverine is celebrated with his 300th issue.  Along with extra story pages we also get a nice 4 page spread of all 300 covers including the variants.

This issue has Wolverine travel to Japan to figure out who is behind the attempt to start a gang war between the Yakuza and the Hand ninja sect. Writer Jason Aaron delivers an issue packed with great over the top action sequences, plenty of humor, and not one but two surprise reappearances of classic adversaries.

The art in this issue is handled by 4 artists, Adam Kubert, Paul Mounts, Ron Garney, and Jason Keith. Now I usually don’t enjoy when the art style switches up throughout an issue but in this instance it works well. The transition is hardly noticed and flows nicely throughout the story.

Jason Aaron is leaving after this arc and I for one was saddened to hear this news. His work on Wolverine has really revitalized the character. This issue definitely indicates that he’ll be going out in epic proportion. So far it has all the makings of a classic adventure.

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