Abe Sapien #14

by stephengervais on July 10, 2014

Writers: Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
Artist: Max Fiumara
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
This title has recently jumped to my favorite book coming out of the Mignolaverse in the last couple of months. Ever since issue 12 where Abe saved his new travelling companion from what the reader can only imagine was a horrific existence as a captive this series has been amazing. This issue was no different; the creative team deliver yet another terrific installment to this increasingly creepy story.
This issue has Abe continue his journey through a broken world trying to figure out what’s haunting his companion, Grace, all the while struggling to uncover more about his past. Through a series of flashbacks and what can only be described as hallucinations we come to realize that both characters are deeply troubled by their respective histories. The writers have really woven together quite an emotional tale filled angst and torment for our two central figures. We can see Abe is struggling with what his connection is to the current state of the world and Grace with whatever happened to her after the collapse and during her time locked away as a prisoner of a sicko. Despite Abe’s current tumultuous mind-set he still wants to help Grace by learning more about her in an attempt to comfort and heal her despondent state.
Max Fiumara and Dave Stewarts work on the art and color only add to the intensity of the story. Each panel is filled with perfect detailing to bring out the horrors of this bleak world. The sadness and hopelessness on the faces of the characters add to the dreary mood conveyed to the reader. The artist leaves no doubt that this world is filled with death and despair. The imagery throughout the entire issue exudes horror and Stewart as always compliments everything flawlessly with his choice of color palate.
The writers have put together a story filled with such a tense ambience you don’t fully realise it until you exhale after reading it. At that moment you come to recognize just how enthralled you were in the tale of these characters as they make their way through this forlorn adventure. New readers can definitely pick up this issue and grasp the tone and direction of the story but I highly recommend starting at issue 12 to fully appreciate the setting and feel being created here. 

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