A.D.: After Death Vol. 1

by Ryan.L on November 23, 2016

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Image Comics

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire have come together to deliver us a comic that is like no other. It is being acclaimed to be a unique combination of comic, prose, and illustration. The story is set in a future where man has found the cure for death and one man starts to question his past and his own mortality.

This comic is huge at a whopping 71 pages. At first when this was placed on my desk to review I hadn't heard anything about it. I know Snyder and also Lemire are amazing writers so why not this could be interesting. I started to read it and to say it's weird is an understatement. I don't say weird in a negative way either. The story seems to jump around a lot and even when I got to page 32 I was lost and had no idea what was going on. Part of me started to wonder if this book was being weird just for the sake of being weird or was there a purpose to just how weird it was.

The story was good, Snyder had me fully engaged, and Lemires art was also really awesome. I love painted comics and Lemires style was truly unique. But again I was lost and had no idea what this story was about. I ended up putting the book down and looking up the comic on Comixology. I read the blurb about what the series was about and it all finally came together for me.

The reason the story seemed so weird and convoluted was because these were all memories of this man who was reflecting back on his past. Snyder has crafted it in such a way that we get pieces here and there and then other moments feathered into the story. I knew then that this was a series that will all make sense by the end.

This comic is definitely different from anything we have seen before. It's like in the music industry an artist releases the commercial music the record company wants them to release. Once they have been established they say "hey I'm an artist, I need to express myself without compromising my artistic integrity." So they release an experimental album completely different from their usual albums. That's how I saw this book.

Art is supposed to invoke something in you. Anyone who would like to argue that comics are not art needs to pick up this book. This is art at it's finest. All the styles that Snyder and Lemire have pulled together to craft this story is incredible.

If you are looking for a book that is different and unique I highly suggest you pick this one up. This was a crazy and weird ride but o worth it. I looked forward to the next two volumes and where this journey takes us next.


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