Wolverine #14 Review

by Ryan.L on July 29, 2021

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Adam Kubert
Color Artist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Just when I think I’m going to drop Wolverine it pulls me right back in!
This was a fantastic issue and we need more like it in this series. While it feels very much like an X-Force book, that’s what I really enjoyed about it. This is a solo mission with Wolverine investigating events that transpired at the Hellfire Gala.
I was not a big fan of the vampire nation story that had gone on for a while in this series. Where I think it shines is in stories like this one. Sending Wolverine out on a solo mission for X-Force gives us some action, some detective work that’s all wrapped up with the dark gritty tone this series has set out. This issue was just so exciting and grabbed my full attention. I found myself really invested in the book again and intrigued to see where this goes. It also has some elements of the movie Waterwrold in it.
I was wondering where Arakko would fit into everything. We hadn’t heard much before the terraforming of Mars. There had to be some bad mutants that went out into the world to cause trouble. It looks like those questions are about to be answered and I’m really excited for that.
The art also in this issue was spectacular. I really loved the design and layout and so many of the panels were so beautifully done. I especially loved the styling of Emma Frost.
Overall Wolverine delivers a solid issue proving again why this has been a must read series. Action, detective work, paying homage to an odd 90’s movie, there is so much jammed into this issue that just makes it such an outstanding book.

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