New Mutants #18 Review

by Ryan.L on May 26, 2021

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: Rod Reis
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Karma enters the Crucible, While Scout questions the influence the Shadow King has on her friends.
I have been critical of this series as of late. I felt that this series is trying to do too much and should really focus on one set of young mutants at a time. That being said, this issue has completely proven me wrong. This was a perfect marriage of Karmas' story and what the Shadow King and his charges have been up to. Both stories had a level of emotion to them that really complimented the other.
I enjoyed this book so much that it is probably one of my favorites since Vita Ayala took over. The relationship between Karma and Moonstar is absolutely beautiful. Not only the fact Moonstar would enter the Crucible for Karma, but also the fact that she also pushes Karma to really fight for what she wants. Reminding her there was a reason she decided to enter the Crucible. There is a moment at the end of this issue that really shows what a true friendship is all about.
The other story really focused on Scout and getting advice about what to do with her friends. We also see her talk to them, expressing her concerns. I loved seeing this as it shows an example of how important it is to stand up to your friends. She really cares and it showed a lot in this issue. It was also great to see senior mutants like Warpath and Wolfsbane lend their help and support to her.
There is also a letter from Magik in this issue in one of the data pages. It really got me wondering what plans she has now for the younger mutants. I have felt that they kind of have just let the young mutants do whatever they want leaving some of the more senior young mutants to supervise. This obviously hasn’t been working as Magik lays out in the letter. It looks like this book could be heading in a new direction, and that really excites me.

The art is so fantastic in this issue as well. With this being such an emotionally charged issue, the art manages to take these moments and really highlight them. Even down to the subtleties, each moment is crafted and presented in such a beautiful way.
Overall this was a fantastic issue that put relationships on display. It had several moving moments and delivered a truly engaging completion to Karma’s journey. It looks like this series may have found its groove again. 

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