X-Men #20 Review

by Ryan.L on May 26, 2021

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Francesco Mobili
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Design: Tom Muller
Publisher: Marvel Comics
So there is a lot to unpack with this issue. We return to an earlier story which involves a mission and deal between Mystique, Magneto and Xavier all the way back in X-Men issue 6. This issue continues that story and we see Mystique set out to make good on the deal she made so she can get her wife back.
This is the Jonathan Hickman that I love and it’s great to see us return to this story. Many of us have been wondering what was going to happen with Mystique. She is so angry, and so desperately wants her wife back. But Moira told Xavier and Magneto that there can be no precognitive mutants on Krakoa. It really makes you wonder if Mystique does succeed on her mission will Xavier and Magneto hold up their end of the deal? If they do, that goes against a major part of the plan Moira made them swear too. If Mystique fails her mission, what spiral will that send her off on? She so desperately wants Destiny back and it seems like she is willing to burn it all to the ground to get it.
This issue was such an enjoyable read and really felt a lot like House of X/ Powers of X and the early issues in Hickman’s X-Men run. Orchis is in my opinion one of the best plots in the Dawn of X/ Reign of X runs. They pose a real threat and this issue amps that threat up several more levels. It seems like the mutants dabble in dealing with Orchis here and there but we haven’t had a true focus for a while. I wish we had a good full story arc dealing with Orchis, but Hickman only has one issue left in this run. Though after the events in this issue Orchis will probably rise to become a top priority for the mutants to deal with.
The artwork in this issue is another area where this book absolutely shines. There is so much drama in every panel. From the subtle moments to the explosive action, the art really enhances the story to a whole other level. There are moments where the intensity just increases so much I found myself yelling out “WHAT!?... NO!... F*$@!” The story is incredible, but mixed with these pencils, inks and colors I found myself even more emotionally invested.
Overall this issue is not only packed with action, it really delivers some serious emotionally charged drama. It was great to finally return to a previous story that had previously been left open-ended. This series is ending with the next issue and it is really going to go out with a bang!

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