X-Factor #9 Review

by Ryan.L on May 12, 2021

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: David Baldeon
Colorist: Israel Silva
Publisher: Marvel Comics
X-Factor continues to search for a way to stop Morrigan.
Ok, at first I thought this was going to be a filler issue. It had all the elements of what a filler issue is at the start but let’s face it, with X-Factor even filler issues are a blast to read. Turns out though this issue was nothing even close to a filler issue.
This team has such a unique dynamic that it’s really fun to see them do what they do. Even Kyle added a lot of fun to the story. X-Factor has to be my favorite team in Reign of X and all the reasons why are jammed into this issue. When things get underway they get so exciting. But even the intricacies at the start were just as fun and exciting to read. There are always small quips and amusing moments weaved throughout and that’s one reason I really like this series a lot.
This book ends on such an interesting cliffhanger I am finding myself being impatient. I don’t want to wait to find out what happens. Not only to see a potential reunion, but also two of our mutants are now changed and this issue tells us we have to wait to find out how.
Can the art in this series get any better? Wow, it’s just so stunning. I really have to point out the colors in this issue. They were certainly on point. There were moments when things got really intense that the art was just leveled up so much from the incredible colors that were chosen. Also there are a few pages that change style to old Celtic art and it’s beautiful.
Overall X-Factor continues to be one of the best x-books out. This one especially is such a fun and exciting read and visually outstanding on top of it. If you have been following X-Factor then this is a must-read. If you haven’t, go back to issue six and start reading, you don’t want to miss this. Actually read all of X-Factor, it’s just that good!

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