Demon Days: X-Men #1

by Ryan.L on March 01, 2021

Writer/Artist: Peach Momoko
English Translation: Zack Davisson 
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Demon Days is the Marvel Universe filled with demons, spirits, monsters and magic. A version of the universe you've never seen before.

This was an interesting read. The world that Peach Momoko created is very vibrant and rich of Japanese mythology. The characters are so fun and engaging. There really is a lot of heart in this book, and it comes out on every page. Momoko managed to find the perfect balance between the action and slower more heartfelt moments.

The art is absolutely amazing. Every page was just breathtaking to see. This really is a visual treat to behold. I enjoyed the soft color palette a lot. It enhances the stunning world Momoko created.

Though all that being said the Marvel characters feel like somewhat of an afterthought. You could have styled them differently and have no recognition to their Marvel counterparts and it wouldn't effect the story at all. I did enjoy seeing each character and realizing oh that's this character, oh and this is that one. But beyond the visual styling none of the characters personalities or characterizations really match their Marvel counterpart. This didn't take away from the story, but it also didn't add to it either. It did though add to the fun of reading the story. Would I have liked the characters to be closer to the characterization of their Marvel counterparts, yes. But what Momoko gave us is just so rich and beautiful and the fun of reading this story helps me to overlook any of that.

Overall this was a fun dive into Japanese mythology through a Marvel lens. I could definitely see a successful anime being developed out of this story. 

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