Absolute Carnage Captain Marvel Review

by Nick Devonald on November 20, 2019

Writer: Emily Ryan Lerner
Pencils: Andrea Broccardo
Inks: Andrea Broccardo & Le Beau Underwood
Colors: Dono Sánchez-Almara
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Tie-in issues to main events are always a bit of a hit or a miss, and that’s been true for Absolute Carnage. I didn’t have the highest of expectations going into this issue, since I think more of the tie-ins have been a miss than a hit for me, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it.

I’m not up to date on the Captain Marvel solo series but that didn’t matter. All I needed to know going in was Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, and she has a cat/Flerken called Chewie. Fans of the movie will enjoy this without reading any of her solo series.

This issue was teased in one of the Absolute Carnage Post Credits way back in Captain Marvel #8. The set up for this issue was Chewie getting swallowed by an army of Carnage possessed rats and pigeons.

And that is the set-up for this issue. Chewie has been taken over by Carnage. Pretty simple set-up but it really delivers.

We’ve got great action scenes, we’ve got humour (mostly in the form of Phyllis, Carols next door neighbour who has been cat-sitting for Carol), we’ve got a catch up for people who are coming into this cold with no knowledge of Captain Marvel, great artwork, especially the Flerken and Symbiote.

Is this an essential issue for the main event? It could be skipped, the only thing it really adds to the event is teasing Captain Marvels appearance in Absolute Carnage #5. However, I would recommend it over a lot of the other tie-ins. It promises an all star-studded Absolute Carnage #5.

Highly recommended, great art, great storytelling, not essential reading for the main event but if you’re going to pick up any of the tie-ins, I would put this one at the top of the pile.

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