Wolverine & The X-Men #6

by lucstclair on February 23, 2012


To desperately raise some funds for the school, Logan & Quentin crash an intergalactic casino as a couple of high rollers. With the world’s greatest psychic at your side, winning the jackpot shouldn’t be a problem? Right? Plus: Back on earth it’s chaos at The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning as The X-Men fight a horde of Brood to save the body of Kitty…inside & out!


The Brood are back in a big way, under control & on a leash with a very big and menacing alien holding on that leash as their master. Watching Wolverine & Quentin Quire wearing tuxedos, making a killing at the casino is a hilarious sight, not sure if headmaster Logan teaches “cheating at gambling” back in the classroom, but I suppose it’s for the greater good of the school. The fights with The Brood inside Kitty’s body reminds me a little bit of that movie Innerspace, priceless. Jason Aaron’s writing is what makes this title one of Marvel’s best series and Nick Bradshaw’s Arthur Adams like illustrations don’t hurt either. A title like this is the reason I love comics. From Marvel Comics.





















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