1 Month 2 Live (TPB)

by lucstclair on February 17, 2012


Dennis Sykes is a normal, hard working family man with a bright future, until one day trying to help a citizen from being victimized by a few thugs, he gets exposed to some unknown biological waste and everything changes. He’s told the devastating news that he has terminal cancer with only a month left to live only to discover a new found ability to change matter & energy at a molecular level. Will he be a hero and use his powers to it’s  full potential? Or will he just lay down and die?




What a great concept for a story. We’ve all read comics about ordinary joes getting extraordinary powers, but this one is different and I found it very refreshing. Most human beings in The Marvel Universe live pretty ordinary lives like you and me. Within less than a month, Dennis Sykes has a crash course by Spider-Man on “how to be a super-hero”, saves the galaxy with The Fantastic Four, visits The Savage Land & gets an honorary Avengers membership card.




I actually got choked up reading this wonderful book about humanity, the responsibility of powers and life & death. Written by Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force), Rob Williams (Fear Itself: Ghost Rider), Stuart Moore (Wolverine : Noir) & John Ostrander (The Kents). Illustrated by Andrea Mutti (The Executor), Koi Turnbull (Terro Inc. : Apocalypse Soon), Shawn Moll (She-Hulk: Jaded), Shane White, Graham Nolan (Batman : Knightfall & Beyond) & Jamie McKelvie (Secret Avengers Vol. 3). Originally published as Heroic Age: 1 Month 2 Live #1-#5. From Marvel Comics.


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