Thief Of Thieves #1

by lucstclair on February 11, 2012

Meet Redmond & Celia, he’s the best thief in the business and she’s the best apprentice a best thief in the business can have. Together, no job is too hot, no caper is too big and they’re about to take on the mother of all jobs!


This is a brand new series from the creative mind of Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible) & illustrated by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories). I like Spencer’s illustrations, it’s very noirish and looks like the kinda art Ed Brubaker would be associated with. Kirkman has tackled comics about super-heroes and zombies, but here comes something completely different and fresh and I applaud him for it. We get to see Redmond in action as a top notch thief and the story of how he met his apprentice Celia is awesome (car thieves take notes). It’s The Thomas Crown Affair as a comic book! Good movie, good comic. From Image Comics.

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