Sweet Tooth Vol. 4 : Endangered Species (TPB)

by lucstclair on February 03, 2012

After escaping the clutches of the militia, Gus, Jepperd and the others are headed north to Alaska. Wendy, Lucy & Becky get lost in the forest and end up in some abandoned, fully functional dam run by a crippled called Walter Fish. Plus: Jeppard & Gus are ambushed by a ferocious bear.


Weird visions and dreams continue to haunt Gus as Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth keeps improving with every trade. I like the back stories for Lucy, Becky and Wendy as we see the plague through their eyes and perspectives. A close call for Gus as sides are taken and a last page that you knew was coming, but makes you crave for the next chapter. Written & illustrated by Jeff Lemire (Animal Man). Originally published as Sweet Tooth #18-#25. From DC Comics/Vertigo.


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