Silver Surfer : Rebirth Of Thanos (hctpb)

by lucstclair on January 22, 2012

Prelude to the Infinity Gauntlet. Silver Surfer’s first encounter with Thanos ends poorly for the mad Titan, or so The Silver Surfer thinks. Thanos’ rise to power is only just beginning! Featuring Drax The Destroyer, Mentor, Starfox, Nebula, She-Hulk & Captain America.


This collection is a prelude to The Infinity Gauntlet saga and is required reading. Other than that ridiculous and pointless Impossible Man chapter, this is an amazing book. Watching Thanos defeat cosmic beings for their Infinity gems is priceless. Knocking them down one at a time like chess pieces.


Written by Jim Starlin, the man who wrote the book on space & cosmic stories featuring god-like beings bent on universal domination/destruction. He’s even got the word “star” is his name. Attention DC Comics!!! Give this man a run on a Green Lantern project and he’ll be unstoppable. Written by Jim Starlin (Breed, Infinity Gauntlet) and illustrated by Ron Lim (X-Men 2099) which I’d like to see more of actually. Originally published as The Silver Surfer #34-#38, Thanos Quest #1 & #2 and material from Logan’s Run #6. From Marvel Comics.

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Just have to mention I love the cover for this trade!!