Batman #5

by lucstclair on January 22, 2012

Drugged, delirious and hunted, Batman struggles to escape the labyrinth of The Court Of Owls!


Batman hasn’t seen this much abuse since his first experience with the Venom drug (see Batman: Venom tpb. Awesome trade). He is pushed to his limits both physically and psychologically as this series just keeps on getting better and better with every issue. I don’t know if your copy of this issue was like mine, but pages #16-#19 were printed upside down. Was this purposely done to give the reader a sense of dementia like Batman was going through? Or was this just a printing error? I’m gonna go with the latter. Written by Scott Snyder (Severed) and illustrated by the breathtaking art of Greg Capullo (The Creech). From DC Comics.

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It was definitely the effect they were going for not a printing error. What a great creative team. Excellent story by Snyder and the artwork really made the reader feel Batman's dimentia!

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On side note since you mentioned the story arc Batman: Venom, there will be an anniversary release of this story in April. I for one am going to purchase it since I've never read it and have only heard positive reviews for it.

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I read it years ago and I loved it.