Extinction Seed #1

by lucstclair on January 14, 2012

Cynthia, Cathryn, Caroline and Daniel share a connection to a mysterious alien artefact. Discovered in the ice of the Antarctic and controlled by a shadowy sect, these individuals will come together to save the world and try to prevent, you guessed it…the seed of extinction!!!


From what I can gather, this was originally an italian comic or BD and it’s now being translated in English by GG Studios, a company that publishes “bad girl” comics. I didn’t think they still made these, as long as there are 13-year old boys out there, they’ll still dish these out. After reading it I realized there was something missing to the story (if you can call it that). There’s a tiny prologue on the inside front cover which is a recap on the story so far, which leads me to believe there might be a number zero I should of read. Doesn’t really matter. Moving along, the story’s all over the place, it keeps jumping from what I think is an alternate 60’s to the present day and so on. There are spies, thieves, super-powered suits and a crystal skull which I think was borrowed from Indiana Jones.


The illustrations look like the artist went to the J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl) school, which I guess is this comic’s only saving grace. If you’re a fan of this type of comic than by all means enjoy, you could do alot worse. It’s just not my cup of tea. Written by Davide Aicardi and illustrated by Livia Pastore. From GG Studios.

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