Action Comics #40

by Kalem Lalonde on March 13, 2015

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Aaron Kuder

Actions Comics strives when it embraces zany concepts and unconventional ideas. The first arc had Superman fighting monsters underground and it was by far the standout of this run. With Action Comics #40, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder thought to themselves, let’s just tell an awesome Bizarro story. Completely unfettered from continuity of their ongoing story. Thankfully, this paid off tremendously as the duo deliver an oddly endearing issue starring the one and only Bizarro.

Bizarro isn’t a character that excites me all that much. He’s extremely goofy and frankly I found the concept behind him a little dumb. However, Greg Pak has opened my eyes to how well this character can actually work if he’s put in the right hands. He’s written in great comedic fashion as Pak pokes fun at the goofiness of the character. All of this works because this character is difficult to take seriously and Pak knows that and takes advantage of it. But through laughing at him, Pak also demonstrate his love for the character as he embraces his world and adds a lot of heart to it. If this is a primer for what’s to come with June’s Bizarro book, then count me in!

And with all this craziness, Pak finds the time to characterize Superman to perfection. He shows just how much of a good person Superman man is by emphasizing how much he’s willing to put himself aside for others. Near the middle of this issue, the Bizzaro’s are having a blast by tearing their city apart as Metallo suggests to stop them. Though, Superman is of a different opinion. He thinks that if they’re having fun why should he stop them? He puts his views aside and doesn’t judge others for theirs. That is the Superman I love and Greg Pak continues to find so many varied ways to explore the depths of Superman. I’ll be recommending this run to everyone who doesn’t love Superman. Greg Pak knows why people connect to him and that’s what his run (and even this issue) so wonderful.

Aaron Kuder has been one of the best parts about this entire run. His art is fun, precise and beautiful. His depictions of the zany Bizarro world hold up to past issues as he can convey the goofiness of this world perfectly.

Actions Comics #40 is a comic that I would recommend to everyone. It’s completely unfettered from continuity. The story concerns itself so little with previous stories that it doesn’t even give us context to why Superman landed in the Bizarro world. This is an incredibly fun and funny tale that rightfully laughs at Bizarro but pays respects to the character as well. Greg Pak’s fervor for this world and these characters translates directly into this comic and that’s what makes it so great.


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